My Philosophy

 I firmly believe in the power of touch, and the benefits of massage. Massage is not merely a job for me. I truly enjoy helping clients maintain, and achieve personal wellness by catering each massage to each individual. Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do. The hustle of everyday city life can leave us feeling drained, and our bodies can often times be fixed in repetitive, and unhealthy positions. Research has shown that massage can be very beneficial for your mental, and physical wellness. Self care isn't just about fixing an issue when it arises. It's about taking care of ourselves on a regular basis. It's about nurturing ourselves, so that we may be present for anything that comes our way.




$80 an hour


A relaxation massage is the perfect way to help you unwind, and de-stress from your usual grind! Firm pressure can still be applied.


$80 an hour


A deep tissue massage is great for individuals who lead active lifestyles, or for those with chronic pain.


Please consider getting a preliminary relaxation massage before getting a deep tissue if you have not had a massage in awhile.

You may also want to consider adding an extra 15 minutes if you have a problem area, or if you are tall.




$60 an hour


A side lying massage done with a soft, and comforting pregnancy pillow, so that mama and baby are happy.



$125 for 3, 1-hour Sessions

(In Studio)


$250 for 3, 1-Hour Sessions at Home

(Price may be subject to change due to distance traveled)


Learn how to care, and connect with your child through the use of infant massage techniques. Numerous studies have found that infant massage can be beneficial to your child's physical, and cognitive development.








All infant massage courses include a copy of Tina Allen's book on infant massage,

a step by step infant massage guide from the Liddlekidz Foundation, and any additional follow up phone consultations that may be needed during, and after completion of the course!

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